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Now you can have individual product designs (for a nominal fee) sent to you directly all by courtesy of the internet. The product designs posted to this category are available for our existing customers as downloadable files. We understand the economic times are difficult, we hope this allows you to keep making a profit with a minimal investment. One retail sale of this product and your design expense is covered. Only certain product designs that are posted to this category are available. Stand by for a growing list of product design files!

To those who are not current customers: Understand these files only contain a product design. To have the knowledge and instructions for creating these products, it is necessary to have already purchased a full program; (the most economical purchase) which contains the step by step detailed informational video, to help you cut, make and assemble these products. Also the extras such as shop setup, packaging info, and customizable order forms and much, much more! We know many of you are capable of figuring out how to assemble these great products, but we hope someday you purchase a full program to save $$$ and get all the benefits we can offer. Your success is our goal we would like to ensure you have no frustration!